Annata Wood

Mix                 Greige         Gris               Notte           Antique





Type                                          H.D.I.T. Porcelain

DCOF:                                       0.42

Water Absorption:                  <0.20%

Scratch Hardness (MOHS):   9

Breaking Strength:                ≥1300 se sp ≥7.5mm

                                                 ≥700 se sp < 7.5mm

PEI:                                          V

Shade:                                    V3

Frost Resistant:                    Yes



Annata Wood Gris Room Scene
Annata Wood Mix
Annata Wood Greige
Annata Wood Gris
Annata Wood Notte
Annata Wood Antique

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Featuring the unique aesthetics of handcrafted wood, Annata Wood from Nautilus combines attention to detail of traditional weathered wood plank with the practical nature and technical characteristics of modern porcelain stoneware; adding elegance, warmth and personality. Annata Wood is available in five colors in the formats 6x40 and 10x40. The range of Annata Wood is enriched by innovative elements, including saw and water marks, to allow the end-user to decorate in any dynamic way.

H.D.I.T. Face Applications:
6x40: 36-45 different faces depending on the color
10x40: 24-30 different faces depending on the color


Note: Manufacturer does not recommend installing large format rectangular tile using a staggered brick/running bond grout joint pattern. Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% of the length of the adjacent tile (<30%). Alternating joints, straight-lay, 1/3 and less or herring bone patterns are acceptable with a grout size to be no less than 1/8” (>1/8”).