Coperta Brown
Coperta Blonde
Coperta Grey Room
Coperta Grey
Coperta Cherry
Coperta White


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The Coperta series by Nautilus is a contemporary version of the popular hand-scrapped style natural wood flooring. This rectified wood-look porcelain has multiple faces and the characteristics of the real wood product, including a wood grain texture.  

Coperta is available in five colors including: White, Grey, Cherry, Blonde, and Brown. This line is available in both 8x48 and 12x48 sizes and is produced using the latest digital ink jet technology.



Note: Manufacturer does not recommend installing large format rectangular tile using a staggered brick/running bond grout joint pattern. Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% of the length of the adjacent tile (<30%). Alternating joints, straight-lay, 1/3 and less or herring bone patterns are acceptable with a grout size to be no less than 1/8” (>1/8”).

 Brown         Blonde       Grey             Cherry        White



Type:                                         H.D.I. T. Porcelain

DCOF:                                        0.49                                 

Water Absorption:                   <0.5%

Scratch Hardness (MOHS):    N/A

Breaking Strength:                 N/A

PEI:                                           IV

Shade:                                      V3

Frost Resistant:                      Yes