Fresco              Naturale            Ombra                Sol

Larix Baita Fresh Room

Larch Wood Baita Fresco

Larix Baita Sun Room

Larch Wood Baita Sol

Baita Sun

Larch Wood Baita Sol

Baita Shade

Larch Wood Baita Ombra

Baita Natural

Larch Wood Baita Naturale

Baita Fresh

Larch Wood Baita Fresco

Larch Wood Baita is the result of intensive research on the features of this natural material that is reinterpreted on ceramics, reproducing its graphics and texture, its chromatic and surface details and the marks caused by the passage of time and by adverse weather.In addition to the 10x60 and 6x30 planks, now offered is the 24x24 Baita pattern, which can be used as a stand-alone pattern for each color, or installed as an accent with the planks.


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Larch Wood Baita



Type:                                      H.D.I.T. Porcelain

DCOF:                                     --

Water Absorption:                %

Scratch hardness (MOHS):  --

Breaking Strength:               --

PEI:                                         IV

Shade:                                   V3

Frost Resistant:                   Yes

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