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All the allure of natural limestone is evident in Limestone by Nautilus. This color body, sophisticated porcelain surface reveals natural nuances that are ideal for either classical or contemporary settings.

The series name is indicative of a prestigious collection in which the detail of the texture, the carefully studied contrasts and painstaking attention to balancing the fossil inserts combine to create wonderfully smooth, appealing finishes. 

Limestone is enhanced by the four soft shades ranging from white to mud grey, as well as a warm gold nuance and a more neutral shade of grey. Sizes available are 24x24, 12x24, 2x2 Mosaic 12x12 Sheet and 3x24 Bullnose.


Note: Manufacturer does not recommend installing large format rectangular tile using a staggered brick/running bond grout joint pattern. Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% of the length of the adjacent tile (<30%). Alternating joints, straight-lay, 1/3 and less or herring bone patterns are acceptable with a grout size to be no less than 1/8” (>1/8”)​.

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Type:                                         Color-body Porcelain

DCOF:                                        0.42 

Water Absorption:                   ≤0.5%

Scratch Hardness (MOHS):    N/A 

Breaking Strength:                 ≥35 N/mm²

PEI:                                           V

Shade:                                      V2

Frost Resistant:                      Yes