Palace Beige



Polished - 24x24

Chiseled & Brushed - 18x18, 12x24 & 12x12 

Square Edged Brushed - 4x8, 4x4, Micro Versailles Mosaic & Rhomoid Mosaic.

Brushed -

4" Hexagon Mosaic, 2" Hexagon Mosaic, Herringbone Mosaic,

Pencil Molding & Chair Rail Molding.

Micro Versailles Mosaic

3" Hexagon Mosaic

2" Hexagon Mosaic

Herringbone Mosaic

4" Hexagon Mosaic

Pencil Molding .79x12 

Chair Rail 2x12

Note: Manufacturer does not recommend installing large format rectangular tile using a staggered brick/running bond grout joint pattern. Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% of the length of the adjacent tile (<30%). Alternating joints, straight-lay, 1/3 and less or herring bone patterns are acceptable with a grout size to be no less than 1/8” (>1/8”).